1.  Scope of application of present Internal Rules

The present internal rules, referred to hereinafter as ‘the Rules’, apply within the White Cinéma complex at the Docks commercial complex at 1000 Brussels, Quai des usines 163 box 177. They apply in cinema screens and also in all waiting and ancillary areas to those screens and to all associated services provided by White Cinéma (referred to hereinafter as the ‘White complex’).

By entering the White Cinéma, all visitors, including those who are not attending screenings, are deemed to have noted the Rules and accepted their provisions unreservedly and agree to observe them. The Rules are displayed at the White complex, and are also available at www.whitecinema.be and at the Cinéma tills.


2.  The Rules

  1. Throughout the White complex:


  1. White Cinéma reserves the right to refuse to admit visitors or eject visitors who appear to be inebriated, who behave violently towards staff or customers, whose behaviour is liable to annoy other visitors, who appear to be under the influence of drugs, those whose mental or physical behaviour is liable to upset other visitors and/or the screening and visitors who fail to comply with the present Rules in general and/or with the instructions of staff charged with enforcing them.


White Cinéma reserves the right to exclude those concerned from the White complex for the reasons above.


Should White Cinéma refuse to allow the persons concerned access for security reasons or have them excluded from the White complex for the same reasons, White Cinéma will not be bound to refund their cinema tickets.


  1. The objects below must not be brought or be caused to be brought onto the White complex and/or in the screens:

˗     Alcohol, bottles, glasses, cans, drugs or intoxicants;

˗           Solid state, liquid or gas projectiles or explosives; ˗ Inflammable products or substances, aerosols;

˗     Recording materials (photo, video and audio);

˗ Snacks (including drinks and chewing gum) and other food products not bought at White Cinéma;

˗    Bicycles, folding bicycles, roller skates, skateboards, etc.;

˗    Rucksacks, shopping bags, other bulky bags etc.;

˗     Any weapons and dangerous objects, sharp or blunt objects which could be used as weapons;

˗               Any other objects which could be used to disturb the peace, put the safety of

visitors in danger and/or cause damage to property and/or personal injury.

White Cinéma, its officers and third parties authorised to do so may seize such objects. White Cinéma will refuse to allow access to anyone who refuses to surrender them.


  1. Anyone entering White Cinéma may be filmed and images may be recorded and stored, purely with a view to ensure safety within the cinema in accordance with current legislation in force.


  1. Inside the White complex, visitors are strictly forbidden to:

˗     Smoke;

˗     Take photographs or make audio or video recordings;

˗ Cause any personal injury, damage to property, buildings and/or any other White Cinéma equipment (including the screens in the cinema screening rooms);

˗     Touch the screens in the cinema screening rooms;

˗       Enter any non-public areas of the complex, such as service premises, offices, etc.;

˗ Interfere with or obstruct entrance and evacuation routes, stairs, stairwells and galleries and remain in such places any longer than is strictly necessary to enter or leave the cinema;

˗ Disturb the peace or threaten to disturb the public comfort and/or safety, e.g. by making noise or using a mobile phone in a manner which is distracting while a film is being shown, putting their feet on the backs of seats, throwing food, etc.


White Cinéma would remind parents here that they are responsible for the actions and activities of their minor children at all times.


  1. Toilets are reserved strictly for White Cinéma customers only.


  1. In Cinema screens:
  2. Once past the checkpoint, all visitors must hold valid cinema tickets and retain them until they leave the cinema. Tickets are valid only for the film, screen and screening stated on them. White Cinéma’s management reserves the right to inspect tickets in screens or areas after the checkpoint; so anyone who cannot show a valid cinema ticket when White Cinéma’s staff inspect them will be removed from the cinema.


  1. We have taken certain steps to limit the risks to visitors in wheelchairs if there is an evacuation, as follows:

If a screen is wheelchair-accessible and wheelchair users are accompanied, they may sit in a reserved cinema seat which is at the end of a row, near a corridor and entrance door, provided the person accompanying them makes sure to put the wheelchair in a space provided for that purpose or right next to the seat provided for the wheelchair user (keep at least 60 cm clear space). The wheelchair must not roll or tip over. Unaccompanied wheelchair users must sit only in spaces specially reserved for them.

  1. Should we find when checking during a screening that visitors have taken photographs or made audio or video recordings, including with a mobile phone, those visitors must hand the device concerned over immediately and delete the data they recorded, and their devices will be returned to them when they leave the cinema if they can show proof they were lodged.

Anyone who makes any recording will find themselves reported to the courts and to the  Belgian Anti-Piracy Federation.


White Cinéma expressly excludes the application of the provisions of the law on deposits in this case.


3.                  Penalties


Anyone who breaches the Rules may be penalised by having their admission rights suspended, without refunding their cinema ticket as the case may be.


Anyone who breaches the Rules repeatedly may be excluded permanently.


If anyone breaks the Rules, we may call the police and report them if necessary.


White Cinéma reserves the right to require anyone who acts contrary to the provisions of one or more articles of the Rules to pay a fine of EUR 25, without prejudice to our right to claim our losses incurred in full.


Anyone who steals anything in the White complex will be required to pay for them in full plus an administrative penalty of EUR 25.