White Cinema values its Customers and is very concerned to protect their private lives. That’s why we commit ourselves to complying with the Belgian law of 8 December 1992 on protecting private life in terms of personal data processing. You can access this law online at http://www.privacycommission.be/fr.

By using our Website, you declare expressly that you accept our confidentiality policy and agree to us gathering and processing personal data about you according to the modalities and principles as described below, with a view in principle to tailor our Website to your preferences, conduct our marketing activities, give you what you want and improve the content of our services.

Who owns data processing?

This confidentiality policy applies to all services online which you (‘you’, ‘the user’, ‘your(s)’) are provided with by SPRL WCB, whose registered offices are at 1000 Brussels, Quai des usines 163 box 177, company reg. no. 0640.784.770, e-mail address:  info@whitecinema.be (referred to hereinafter as ‘White Cinéma’), including the Website www.whitecinema.be , its services online and any correspondence which may be made by e-mail, forum and IRC chat line and any other channels (referred to hereinafter as ‘our website’ or ‘website’). By using our Website and communicating with us electronically, you recognise and accept the present confidentiality policy and authorise us to process your personal data automatically subject to the present confidentiality policy. Minors may not use these services online unless supervised and approved by their parents.

Personal data you send us or which is gathered automatically is processed in a database managed by White Cinema, White Cinema is responsible for processing this data. ‘Personal data’ means information which refers to you alone, such as your name, address, e-mail address, telephone no. etc.). You alone are responsible for the information you provide. We trust it is correct.

What personal data do we gather? 

When you visit our Website, personal data about you may be gathered, either expressly (e.g. when you complete a form with your personal details to subscribe to our newsletter) or automatically, e.g. via a range of Internet technology, like cookies, IP address, social plugins …without you providing this data expressly).

We gather data when you subscribe to our newsletter, when you enter a competition or place an order online which may include personal data. We gather this data actively by asking you specific questions and offering you the possibility of communicating directly with you. There is some data you have to provide to enjoy certain benefits or take part in certain activities.

The data gathered includes in particular:

˗     Your domain name (detected automatically);

˗ Your e-mail address if you disclosed it to us, such as by sending messages or questions to this site, subscribing to our newsletter, communicating with us by e-mail or accessing the restricted area of the site by way of ID;

˗     All details of the pages you viewed on our site;

˗ Any information you have given us of your own accord, such as in the course of surveys and/or when registering on site, in forms, questionnaires and competitions, etc.

How do we use your personal data?

By using our services online, you authorise us to use the information you supplied actively or passively with a view to improving the content of our online services, your purchasing experience, to tailor our Website to your preferences, communicate information (if you so request), conduct our marketing and research activities, send you sales communications by post, e-mail, telephone, SMS, MMS or other means of communication and for other purposes as stated in the present confidentiality policy.

We reserve the right to send your data to third parties we call on to provide certain products or services, such as technical and logistical services and financial transactions, provided those third parties have agreed to comply with the provisions of the present Confidentiality Policy. At the same time, we may use any and all untraceable information which is gathered via this site in any way possible.

We will only use your personal data insofar as the law allows and subject to your consent.

How do we protect your data?

To protect particularly sensitive data against being accessed by unauthorised third parties, we offer you the option to send data encoded by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

White Cinéma hereby declares we will do everything technically and organisationally necessary to guarantee the security and integrity of personal data we process and to avoid it being lost, altered and/or accessed by unauthorised third parties.

What are your rights?

You can see and check your data we process by sending us an e-mail (info@whitecinema.be), together with a copy of your identity card. We will send you it as soon as possible once we have verified your identity. Should any data be incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete, you can ask us to rectify it, of course.


You have the right to tell us not to send your data to third parties, not to use it to send you any advertising and, more generally, the right to object to us processing it in any way at any time. So if you would like us to take your data off our database, just e-mail or write to us saying what you want us to do, together with a copy of your identity card to the addresses as stated above. We promise to respond as soon as possible.


You may, likewise, deregister from any of the subscription services we offer (subscription, newsletter etc.) by going to our Website or by deregistering directly via your mailbox.

If you believe our site is failing to comply with privacy rules, you can also e-mail or write to us at the addresses above. You can also complain to the Privacy Protection Commission at 1060 Brussels, Porte de Hal, 5-8, www.privacy.fgov.be.


The present Confidentiality Policy is liable to be varied on a regular basis, particularly to bring it into line with changes to the law. If it is amended, the corrected version of our Confidentiality Policy will be published on our Website and will be effective as of when published: so we recommend you consult the latest version on our site on a regular basis.

The present Confidentiality Policy was last amended on 20 October 2016.

To find out more, please contact us at info@whitecinema.be .

Cookies & AdWords – further information

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You can delete cookies from your hard disk at any time. You can also configure your navigator so you get a message every time a cookie is created or refused.

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We reserve the right to use this to optimise our Website’s content and that of our product and display advertising based on your previous visits to our Website.

If you don’t want to get advertising based on what you do online, such as from Google, you can             modify             Google            Ads     Preferences     Manager’s       parameters (https://www.google.com/settings/ads/onweb/). Google also recommends you install Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

To find out more about remarketing, go to

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